Maxe (organzationmaxe) wrote in nihilo_crack,

Oh Dear God...

...there's more of these? I was looking around, trying to find the blasphemous creators of the last batch of videos, when I somehow managed to stumble upon these. I considered not showing them, but I figured it was best that attention was brought to these certain videos.

...clearly my master is far more worthy of the title of "Captain"...

...what the hell is a Cotton Eyed Joe anyways?


...Apparently the Organization has ANOTHER theme song...?

If Saix thought the Sailor Moon one was bad...oh boy.

C is for...oh good god...

Voices aside...I could actually see this converstation taking place. one got spared this time. I highly detest this video, as I'm sure my master doesn't have a soprano singing voice...right?

You can be rest assured that I'm on the lookout for those responsible for these videos, but it seems that there's a limitless supply of culprits.
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