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((OOC)) A few nights ago....

...a dear friend of mine was over. Now, in situtations such as this, it is often impossible to restraint the strange and creative influences of the fangirl mind. It gets even worse when one is involved with a community the other watches quite avidly. This dear friend began to write a list of basic rules for surviving amoung the Organization...and it kind of just developed from there.

Basic Guide to Survival in the Organization:


  • Xemnas does not like to be interrupted. It’s best to knock before entering; otherwise you’ll be unzipping your lips to explain your presence.
  • Do not, repeat do not look at all interested in Enix when Xemnas is around. This is a quick way to be Dusked.
  • Do not play any games with Xigbar. His definition of “fun” likely differs from yours.
  • Xigbar seems to enjoy certain member’s hips. Do not be alarmed if he makes strange comments. This is just his nature.
  • Xaldin and Elex have a complicated relationship. Don’t ask exactly what it consists of unless you enjoy poison in your food and a lance through your stomach.
  • Do not do anything particularly interesting if Vexen is in the castle. Test subjects do not survive long in his laboratory.
  • Just because Lexeaus is quiet does not mean he cannot kick your ass three ways to Ruin and Creation Passage. Remember, this man performed experiments on humans while he had a heart.
  • Prevent Zexion from finishing rubix cubes by any means necessary. The next world to be destroyed may be The World That Never Was.
  • On new moons, do not approach Saïx.
  • On full moons, do not approach Saïx.
  • In fact, it’s best to not approach Saïx at all.
  • Axel is a pyromaniac. To those less literate, this mean he likes fire. Those robes of yours look awfully flammable. It’d be a pity if he were to get annoyed and lose control of his element. Got it memorized?
  • Marluxia may be called the “Graceful Assassin” but it is Axel who commands these servants. Remember, just because he’s not reacting now does not mean that no one will come after you in your sleep.
  • Demyx and water get along very well. You likely enjoy your showers. Unless you enjoy your shower fluctuating between freezing cold and scorching hot, it is suggested that you do not anger him.
  • Luxord is a gambler that enjoys his privacy. What chances do you think you have of keeping all your limbs if you violate it?
  • Deuxce. Do you remember Deuxce? He got caught up in a silent war between the masters. Let him be an example to all servants not to play castle politics.
  • Avoid Marluxia’s garden. Don’t ask why. It’s best just to avoid it.
  • Marluxia’s garden is scary. Do not accept any flowers, brush, weeds, or grass found within. There’s a reason many masters act like they’re on drugs.
  • Larxene is cruel, sadistic, and without mercy. Avoid her. Attracting her attention is painful.


  • Drassix appears to be beastlike. He crawls around on all fours, rarely speaks, and prefers action to words. This may cause you to dismiss him an unimportant, but consider this: a beast is unconcerned about morals and cares only for its own survival. Do your really want to learn how far a beast will go to insure it?
  • Jenx is very fond of his chocolate. He also is fond of the poisons that he commands at his fingertips. Before transferring his chocolate to your body, you may want to examine what it is made of. It’d be a pity to die an agonizing death because your immune system is not as strong as his.
  • Niaxtras has a hairbrush for a weapon. She knows how to use said hairbrush quite well. It’s best not to ask why it’s a hairbrush while within striking range.
  • Runix is insane. This is a fact. The insane need no more reason to do something then “it seemed like a good idea at the time.” Keeping in mind the fact that Runix has no heart to guide his actions, it may be wise to limit your interaction with him.
  • When the Snipers are playing tag, hide. Their version of “tagging” requires medical treatment a master may or may not feel inclined to give.
  • Xaneth is a cute nobody that likes to draw and dance and follow Xigbar around like a puppy. He also has a gun for an arm and an obsessive loyalty towards said master. Insult those he serves within his presence at your own risk.
  • Xellkos likes small things. Especially small metallic things that fit in their robe. If something of yours is missing, check the castle lost and found located in their room (or robe).
  • Xepyr is not blind, he just lacks eyes. He has shown an interest in blood. Do you really want him tasting your blood?

...I have my suspicions that this is no where near complete. Stay tuned for more of this craziness...
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